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Engadget Podcast 182 - 02.07.2010

Trent Wolbe

What do three bloggers huddled around microphones in frigid locales across the country have on 22 of America's beefiest athletes gathered on the field in Miami? An iPhone app. Oh, actually, no. But Josh Tops, Nilz, and P-Mill most certainly comprise the universe's largest repository of JooJoo insight. That's worth something, right?

Hosts: Joshua Topolsky, Nilay Patel, Paul Miller
Producer: Trent Wolbe
Song: Disco Rehab - Kids

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01:22 - Nexus One gets a software update, enables multitouch (updated with video!)
05:00 - Motorola Droid gets official multitouch support -- in Google Maps, anyway
14:34 - Nook firmware 1.2 ready for download now (Update: video!)
20:05 - Joojoo tablet now in production, will support full Flash at launch
30:15 - Acer not making a tablet, will focus on ultra-thin laptops
42:20 - Former Microsoft VP Dick Brass weighs in on why Microsoft 'no longer brings us the future'
45:00 - Microsoft responds to Dick Brass: 'We measure our work by its broad impact'
48:20 - Steve Jobs compares iPad battery life to Kindle's: 'You're not going to read for 10 hours' (video)
48:30 - Hachette Book Group also pulls away from Amazon
48:35 - Amazon pulled Macmillan titles due to price conflict -- confirmed (update: they're back!)
51:45 - Verizon advertising says Droid is for men, Pre is for women (video)
58:09 - We're turning comments off for a bit
59:00 - Commenting on Engadget: a human's guide

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1-888-ENGADGET or podcast (at) engadget (dot) com.

Twitter: @joshuatopolsky @futurepaul @reckless @engadget

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