Engadget Podcast 231 - 02.05.2011

This podcast is so disgusting that #1 Digitimes bestselling author Paul Miller wants to take a shower. JK, not disgusting at all! Lots of cool stuff, actually. Just look at that topics list! It's a real beauty, right? We're not sure we COULD fit any more platforms into a podcast if we tried. Hang out with it. It's the Engadget Podcast, just the way you like it, with especially special guest Chris Ziegler.

Hosts: Joshua Topolsky, Nilay Patel, Paul Miller
Guest: Chris Ziegler
Producer: Trent Wolbe
Music: Sexy Chick

00:08:24 - Live from Google's Android event!
00:08:37 - Android in-app purchases hands-on (video)
00:08:55 - Android Market gets a web store with OTA installations, in-app purchases coming soon
00:11:00 - Android Market web store hands-on
00:20:47 - Motorola Xoom first benchmark: 1823 in Quadrant
00:21:47 - Google shows off Fragments API for Android 3.0
00:25:00 - Motorola teases Xoom Super Bowl ad: '2011 looks a lot like 1984'
00:36:30 - Motorola's Atrix 4G coming to AT&T on March 6th for $200, bundled with Laptop Dock for $500
00:51:35 - Verizon iPhone review
00:52:23 - Verizon can now throttle top five percent of bandwidth hogs, downres multimedia transfers
00:53:12 - Verizon breaks first day sales record with iPhone 4 pre-orders -- in only two hours
01:01:43 - Nokia, Microsoft announcing partnership next week, possibly involving Windows Phone 7?
01:10:19 - Palm creating palmtop computer with detachable, dockable cellphone?
01:12:15 - HP CEO: New webOS products shipping weeks after February 9 reveal, another big announcement March 14
01:13:35 - Palm 'Think Beyond' teaser shows off glimpses of... something (updated with longer video)

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