MacBook Pros may be in for an imminent refresh, about time too

Welcome back to our annual tradition of speculating on just when and how Apple will freshen up its laptop range. AppleInsider is citing multiple sources today in support of its assertion that the MacBook Pro line will be getting upgraded by Apple, potentially as soon as next week. The Mac OS vendor is reportedly briefing folks to be ready for a "significant product launch" soon, which is narrowed down to its laptop division by a couple more pieces of circumstantial evidence. Apple's Asian online stores have shifted their promised MBP delivery times from 24 hours to "one to five days," indicating potentially lower stock quantities, while Italian blog iSpazio has dug up five new product SKUs that could be the markers for new laptop models. None of that sets anything in stone, of course, but we're also hearing the expected upgrade to Sandy Bridge won't afflict Apple's new machines with that Cougar Point chipset flaw, so whenever Apple deigns to bring us this upgrade it should be nice and pristine.