Cablevision Optimum for iPad app now available, streams hundreds of TV channels plus VOD

The new Cablevision iPad app is out, taking on broadcasters (Fox, Discovery, Viacom) attacking Time Warner's live TV streaming TWCable TV app by offering subscribers the same channels as their iO TV package and video on demand. The Optimum for iPad app also includes the ability to set up DVR recordings, delete recorded shows and browse TV listings, although it doesn't act as a direct remote for the cable box. The last time Fox and Cablevision squared off subscribers couldn't watch their shows on Hulu or two games of the World Series which, along with a long battle over network DVRs, suggests the cable company is prepared to dig its heels in deep on this issue. Multichannel News points out subscribers need at least one cable box to make use of the new app and the TOS states it can only be used within the customer's residence. Subscribers suitably equipped can grab the app at the iTunes link below, check out pics in the gallery or a video demo by a user embedded after the break.

Update: Now we have the press release and fact sheet from Cablevision (included after the break) so here it is by the numbers: 300 channels, can be registered on up to three iPads per account and used on any two simultaneously. Remote control functions are scheduled for the summer, and the company states that since it is delivering channels over the digital cable network and not the internet (no 'net service required) it believes this use is covered by existing carriage agreements.

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Customers Can Enjoy Cable Television Service Including Hundreds Of
Channels, Video On Demand, Enhanced And Searchable Guide Information And
DVR Controls On Their Tablet Device, Which Functions As A Television In
The Home

Available At No Additional Cost To Existing Optimum Cable Television

BETHPAGE, NY, April 2, 2011 – Cablevision Systems Corp. (NYSE: CVC)
today announced the launch of the Optimum App for iPad, which allows its
cable television customers to experience iO TV digital cable – including
access to hundreds of channels and video on demand (VOD) – on an iPad in
the home. The application delivers the full cable television experience
to the tablet device, and allows the iPad to function as a television.
Like all additional outlets, it is free to existing Optimum cable
television customers.

In addition to approximately 300 live channels and access to VOD, the
Optimum App for iPad integrates enhanced guide information that makes it
easier than ever before for customers to find the content they already
receive as part of their cable television subscription. Programming is
fully searchable, including by genre, and the application includes the
ability to schedule DVR recordings and manage previously-recorded

"This application allows the iPad to function as a television,
delivering the full richness and diversity of our cable television
service to a display device in the home," said Tom Rutledge,
Cablevision's chief operating officer. "It gives our customers the
additional flexibility and convenience of watching television throughout
the home, in places where set-top boxes might not be ideal or even
practical, like the kitchen, bathroom or work room. This is the future
of Advanced Digital Cable televisions served with virtual set-top boxes,
and just one of many digital displays we are going to be serving through
a variety of applications," Mr. Rutledge concluded.

Cablevision uses its secure and proprietary Advanced Digital Cable
television network to deliver cable programming to customers for viewing
on the Optimum App for iPad, and content is not delivered over the
Internet. The application turns the iPad into an additional television,
enabling Cablevision customers to view the same live programming and VOD
content already being delivered to other TVs in the home as part of the
service they have paid for. Cablevision has the right to distribute
programming over its cable system to iPads configured in this way under
its existing distribution agreements with programming providers.
Cablevision has been serving customers with switched digital cable for
more than five years. Advanced Digital Cable allows the company to
switch in multiple digital formats, as its customers continue to buy the
latest display devices. Customers do not need to have Internet access
to use the Optimum App for iPad.

Cablevision plans to deploy additional applications that deliver the
same experience to other tablets and display devices, functioning as
televisions. The company plans to integrate remote control
functionality into the Optimum App for iPad this summer.


Optimum App for iPad
Fact Sheet

The Optimum App for iPad delivers Cablevision's full cable television service to the iPad, which functions as an additional television in the home.

At launch, the App delivers the following:

  • Approximately 300 channels of live television

  • More than 2,000 titles of Video on demand (VOD)available today, with Cablevision's full VOD library expected to be encoded and available by early summer

  • Enhanced guide information that is fully searchable and able to be filtered based on genre, cast, time of day and favorite channels

  • The ability to schedule future DVR recordings and manage (erase) previously-recorded content

  • Full parental controls (specific to each iPad)

  • Closed Captioning

  • This summer, remote control functionality will be added to the App, allowing customers to control televisions in the house.

Available as a free download to Cablevision's cable television customers in the Apple App Store, starting on April 2nd

  • Once installed on the iPad, customers enter their Optimum ID and password to access programming on the device.

  • Up to three iPads can be registered to one account.

  • Customers can use up to two iPads in the home at one time.

  • Programming (live TV and VOD) is available only for viewing in the home.

  • Customers do not need to have Internet access to use the Optimum App for iPad.


  • The Optimum App for iPad allows customers to move from room-to-room with their full in-home cable television experience on their iPad.

  • Cablevision uses its secure and proprietary cable television network to deliver cable programming to customers for viewing on the Optimum App for iPad, and content is not delivered over the Internet.