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Google to offer $20-a-month 'student package' for a Chrome laptop?

Google to offer $20-a-month 'student package' for a Chrome laptop?
Richard Lai
Richard Lai|@richardlai|May 10, 2011 10:35 PM
Just as we're wrapping up day one of Google I/O 2011, Forbes received an interesting piece of information regarding Chrome OS. According to an unnamed senior Google executive, tomorrow's keynote will see the launch of a Chrome laptop sold as an attractive $20-per-month "student package." If true, this will make a compelling option for laptop-seeking students bounded by a limited budget (booze before books, right?), and Forbes speculates that a similar enterprise offering will follow soon -- makes sense considering Google's already cozying up to businesses with its $50-a-year Google Apps suite. Anyhow, all will be unveiled soon enough -- keep an eye out for our Google I/O day 2 liveblog tomorrow for the full monty.
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