HP Touchpad and Pre 3 pricing revealed... by Playboy Magazine (update: just estimates)

Hey, we're growing kind of close to that "summer" release window for HP's marquee mobile devices, aren't we? Playboy Magazine sure thinks so, as its latest issue (June) comes with pricing for the Pre 3 and Touchpad, information we haven't yet heard from anywhere else. The 3.6-inch smartphone with a sliding keyboard is expected to land at the industry-standard $200 on contract, while its 9.7-inch tablet brandmate should make itself available for $500 without any subsidies. These numbers are stated authoritatively, as if already known, though we'd still urge a note of caution until HP itself blurts the prices out. Skip past the break to see evidence of the Touchpad pricing as well.

Update: False alarm, people. The author of the Playboy article -- yes, Playboy reads Engadget, apparently -- got in touch with us to say that the numbers quoted were just price estimates rather than concrete insider intel. Oh darn.