Verizon pushes latest Thunderbolt update: solves reboot issues, kills free mobile hotspot

Don't act like Verizon didn't warn you: for Thunderbolt owners who see an available software update pop up on their phone this evening, they'll be placed squarely between a rock and a towering boulder. Why? On one hand, the Froyo OTA update promises to nix random reboots, improve data connectivity and fix the Bluetooth Discovery Mode pop-up windows. On the other, it adds a helping of bloatware (V CAST Music, V CAST Videos and My Verizon) while also killing the lust-worthy free mobile hotspot feature. Not like the carrier ever said it'd be any different come early July, but it's certainly a case of picking your poison here. If your T-bolt seems to be humming along just fine, we'd probably avoid the urge to update to the latest build. If it's rebooting as we speak, well... good luck pulling that trigger.

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