Warner pushes 28-day new release delay on Blockbuster, matches Redbox and Netflix

We suppose it's good news / bad news for Blockbuster. The good news is that after going through bankruptcy and being sold, Warner Bros. has decided it's healthy enough to take on the competition on even ground. The bad news, is that Warner has decided to give Blockbuster the same month long delay the studio loves so much before new movies can be rented out as its competitors, Redbox and Netflix. While Blockbuster has had delays at its kiosks already, being first to get new flicks in stores has been a part of its marketing for a while. The LA Times reports Blockbuster so far is turning to simply buying the copies it needs at retail to rent them out immediately, but we'll see how long that lasts. If you enjoy your discs via kiosk or mail don't think you're out of the woods either, as the paper mentions Warner wants to delay new flicks to those outlets even longer when their deals are renegotiated.