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AT&T trying to cling on to iPhone customers by offering them unlimited data (again)

Vlad Savov

Were you riding one of AT&T's unlimited data deals until recently? If so, this whole new Verizon iPhone thing is about to work in your favor, as the Associated Press is reporting AT&T iPhone users are being offered a sort of unlimited data amnesty: if they had it before, but switched to a limited data plan since, they can now have it back. This is clearly in response to Verizon's promised $30 uncapped deal, though it remains entirely unofficial and unannounced -- no reason why AT&T would want to advertise its desperation, after all. When asked for comment, a company spokesperson would neither confirm nor deny the news, saying only that AT&T handles "customers and their situations individually." Still, we'd pick up the blower and threaten to start wearing red to see what the incumbent iPhone carrier might offer up as an incentive to stay blue.

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