AT&T and Verizon are the same bag of 3G hurt for iPhone owners, says T-Mobile (video)

Want some help with your newfound choice of iPhone carrier? Let T-Mobile break it down for you in an entirely unbiased and dispassionate fashion. The pink carrier's latest hit piece commercial highlights the fact that, whether on Verizon or AT&T, the iPhone only has recourse to 3G connectivity, painting the two carriers as a pair of grey suits distinguishable only by the color of their ties. It's a cute way to promote your own 4G network, sure, but it conveniently disregards the fact that Verizon's enriching its LTE (Lightning! Thunder! Electric!) network with some true superphones while AT&T is similarly committed to a 2011 LTE rollout. So, really, the only thing under critique here is Apple's rapidly aging 3G wonder. Skip the break to see the video ad.