iLuv ArtStation Pro for Samsung Galaxy Tabs hands-on (video)

The options for Samsung Galaxy Tab speaker docks are a bit limited, especially if you're looking to make use of its proprietary dock port instead of a Bluetooth connection. Earlier this year, iLuv outted its iMM514 for Sammy slates, enabling you to jam some Kelly Clarkson and charge the device at the same time. For $149.99, we weren't expecting to be blown away but we're hoping it'll be a serviceable kit for at least a few Android tablets. We spent a few minutes with the iMM514 and we walked away with some observations.

Right off, there are noticeable differences between the ArtStation Pro and some of the high-end speaker docks that we've handled recently. Lacking a top-side LED, there is no visual indication as to whether or not the peripheral is powered on, which was a bit perplexing. Once docked, you'll have the option of portrait or landscape orientations coupled with the ability to make minor tilt adjustments. Controls were pretty standard for playback and responded quickly to our finger commands. As far as sound quality goes, the iMM514 was about what you'd expect from a sub-$200 dock -- it's serviceable and we didn't notice a ton of distortion at maximum volume. Granted, we were smack dab in the middle of CES so our keen hearing could've been slightly thrown off. Oddly, the dock can also be paired with a Bluetooth keyboard if you're into that, however it was nowhere to be found during our demo. Looking for a quick tour? Hit the video after the break. It'll make you stronger, we promise.

Dante Cesa contributed to this report.