Conversion kit lets you push your RAZR to the Maxx for $110

Let's pretend you went ahead and purchased a shiny new Motorola RAZR this past November. Now, just for the sake of argument, let's say Motorola -- only months later -- released a new version of that handset with a battery that had some pundits asking, 'where has this phone been my whole life?' Yeah, that happened. But if you've managed to overlook Moto's past transgression, and are willing to sink another $110 into your handset, you too can experience the battery that just won't quit. The Cellphone Repair Shop is hawking a kit that will outfit your plain old RAZR with genuine Motorola RAZR Maxx parts -- battery included. The site recommends that you send your handset to its repair facility for "professional installation," but we're sure some of you are up to the challenge. How about it, RAZR owners, are any of you tinkerers going to try and Maxx-out your handset?