Nokia announces wireless charging pads, Fatboy Recharging Pillow for Lumia phones

Any of you who bothered to read Engadget this past Labor Day Monday must've noticed all those Nokia leaks making the rounds. Chief among them was a wireless charging pad, featured in a legit-looking press shot. Well, Nokia's big day of announcements has arrived and indeed, the company just formally unveiled the charging accessory -- a soap-dish-shaped device based on the popular Qi wireless standard. (Of course, the Lumia 920's built-in Qi tech means that you can use all manner of third-party charging pads; they don't have to be made by Nokia.) Additionally, the company briefly teased a Fatboy-branded pillow (pictured), also designed for recharging. Other than that, the company didn't share too many specifics, though it did reveal that Virgin Atlantic and Coffee Bean will both be offering wireless charging -- Virgin in its Heathrow Airport lounge, and Coffee Bean on its countertops.