Rumors about Google Maps app for iOS intensify, claim it's still months away from launch

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If you're unsatisfied with Apple's current iOS 6 Maps experience and are hoping to jump back into Google's loving arms then take a breath and sit down -- it could be a little while. Separately, The Verge and New York Times have heard from unnamed sources that a standalone Google Maps app on iOS is launching, but may not be ready until the end of the year. The reason for the delay? Unlike some previous rumors that claimed Apple may be stalling on the approval an already submitted app, they indicate Google did not know of Cupertino's plans to launch its own solution this year until it was publicly announced in June, since their contract extended into 2013. According to one of the NYT sources, another issue could be Google's desire to include 3D imagery from Google Earth in any standalone effort to compete with Apple's native features. All of this follows a statement Google Chairman Eric Schmidt made in Japan last night that it had "not done anything yet" regarding Google Maps on iOS. So, if you've upgraded to iOS 6, are you sticking with the new app or trying to find some other way to avoid navigation related mishaps until Gmaps is back?

Update: AllThingsD has chimed in with a similar report, for those who'd like a look at some of the internal battles.

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