Sony ships new Extra Bass headphone lineup to the US, delivers that Direct Vibe to your brain

If you'd like your Sony headphones to be a little less judgmental, we've got good news. The company's MDR-XB400, MDR-XB600 and MDR-XB800 Extra Bass headphones, along with the MDR-XB60EX in-ears, have arrived in the US for those who want low-end frequencies without the talent show branding. All four carry Sony's newer Advanced Direct Vibe to emphasize the sub-bass notes of "today's music styles" (read: electronic and hip-hop) as well as a serrated cord that keeps the cord tangling to a minimum. Working your way up the range mostly improves the frequency range, which starts at an already bass-heavy 5Hz to 22kHz in the XB400 and scales up to a tooth-rattling 3Hz to 28kHz for the XB800; you'll also see the sensitivity jump from 100dB/mW to 106. Provided you don't mind tweaking software to occasionally recover some treble, the entire collection is ready to wobble your head at prices that range from $60 for the starter XB400 headphones to $150 for the XB800.

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Deep powerful bass for the ultimate music listening experience available in stores today

SAN DIEGO, October 1, 2012 – Today Sony introduced its new Extra Bass headphone series, available in headband-type and in ear bud versions. This new line combines Sony's expertise in superior audio engineering, comfort, and style, while delivering an enhanced acoustic design. The range of sub harmonics is deeper than the more traditional line, ideal for today's music.

"Sony's sound engineers are committed to providing an unprecedented level of audio performance," said Andrew Sivori, vice president of the Personal Audio Division at Sony Electronics. "Our new Extra Bass lineup of headphones delivers solid low frequency response, enhancing the signature of today's music styles."

Powerful Sub Bass Reproduction

Featuring the newly developed Advanced Direct Vibe Structure, the MDR-XB800, MDR-XB600 and MDR-XB400 headphones deliver extra bass reproduced with high-fidelity, appealing to music lovers seeking an impressive listening experience.

The MDR-XB800 and MDR-XB600 headphones are designed for long-term wearing comfort with soft head cushions and seamless pressure-relieving ear cushions, providing a supportive, wrap-around feel. An effective acoustic seal allows for a high level of sound isolation, further reinforcing the headphones' powerful sub-bass reproduction.

Featuring grooved serrations on the surface, the cords on Sony Extra Bass headphones provide an innovative design that eliminates friction between cable surfaces and reduces the source of frustrating tangles. Their unique folding design allows for hassle-free portability.

Powerful, bass-filled in-ear headphones

The MDR-XB60EX in-ear headphones were engineered with a unique acoustic design for a high level of noise isolation and exceptional bass response. Featuring oversized 13.5 mm drivers, these in-ear headphones also utilize the newly developed Advanced Direct Vibe structure to deliver rich bass, ideal for all popular music genres.

The MDR-XB60EX Sony Extra Bass headphones are supplied with hybrid silicone rubber ear buds in four different sizes for a secure and tailored fit, along with uniquely designed noise isolation ear buds in three sizes. For portability, the headphones conveniently slip into their included carrying pouch.

Featuring a durable flat cord with a serrated finish, the MDR-XB60EX headphones are designed to reduce tangles by eliminating friction between cable surfaces.

Pricing and Availability

The MDR-XB800, MDR-XB600, MDR-XB400 and MDR-XB60EX headphones will be available today at Sony Stores, online at, and at other authorized retailers nationwide at the following prices: MDR-XB800, $149.99; MDR-XB600, $99.99; MDR-XB400, $59.99 and MDR-XB60EX, $99.99. For images and information, please visit