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Engadget Podcast 272: CES 2012 Day 2 - 01.10.2012

Trent Wolbe

It's all really finally happening--or, at least, it's even closer to all really finally happening on this, the second day of Engadget's CES 2012 podcasting marathon. Today's episode finds the Podcasters on the showroom floor as television, automobile, washing machine, and carphone manufacturers put the final layers of polish on their wares before officially unveiling to the universe--so gather round and take an officially unofficial peek into the very near future, won't you?

Host: Tim Stevens, Brian Heater, Darren Murph
Producer: Trent Wolbe

00:03:50 - Live from Microsoft's CES 2012 keynote with Steve Ballmer!
00:05:30 - Microsoft Kinect coming to Windows on February 1st, up for pre-order now!
00:08:50 - Nokia Lumia 900 official: 4.3-inch ClearBlack AMOLED, 4G LTE, exclusive to AT&T
00:09:00 - AT&T Nokia Lumia 900 Hands-on at CES 2012 (video)
00:10:35 - Intel: 75-plus Ultrabooks coming in 2012, 50 percent of them will have 14- and 15-inch screens
00:14:55 - Live from Samsung's CES 2012 press event!
00:17:55 - Samsung's got a 55-inch Super OLED TV of its own, coming in the second half of 2012
00:18:20 - LG's 55-inch 'world's largest' OLED HDTV eyes-on
00:23:30 - AT&T Galaxy Note with LTE hands-on at CES 2012 (video)
00:24:45 - Verizon Galaxy Tab 7.7 with LTE hands-on at CES 2012 (video)
00:27:25 - Samsung ES8000 edge-lit LED TV eyes-on
00:33:35 - Sony Xperia S hands-on (video)
00:41:05 - PS Vita coming to AT&T next month
00:45:40 - iPhone turns five today: a smartphone launch worth remembering
00:50:57 - Live from NVIDIA's CES 2012 press event
00:54:45 - NVIDIA and ASUS tease 7-inch Tegra 3 tablet with ICS and $249 price tag
00:57:45 - Myspace TV announced for Panasonic Viera Connect-enabled HDTVs
01:02:30 - Fusion Garage sinks into liquidation, owes creditors some $40 million
01:02:50 - Olympus sues its own president, executives over accounting scandal
01:06:55 - Fisher Price Kid Tough Portable DVR hands-on (video)

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