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Leaving Las Vegas: Team Engadget departs CES 2012

Darren Murph

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CES 2012. It's over, but it'll leave a lasting impression on us all. And by "lasting," we mean "eternal." It'll also go down as the most attended CES ever, with more exhibitors and more product launches than ever before. Engadget as a team hit more news than ever before, covered more hands-ons than ever before and just generally sat in awe at the sheer quantity of news that flowed from the halls of the Las Vegas Convention Center. The trends this year? A fair question, indeed. Truthfully, we didn't spot a single category overshadowing the rest, but it's safe to say that LTE, slimmer-than-slim HDTVs and the promise of Windows 8 tablets kept themselves fresh in our mind. We've assembled an array of wrap-up posts to clue those in who couldn't (or would rather not) keep pace with the absolute torrent of announcements from the event, a boatload of statistics to pore over and a final video from the show.

On a personal note, I had an absolute blast with the team. From our trailer to our stage within the LVCC, from the raucous Unveiled show floor to the background dings and bloops in McCarran International Airport, the past week (and change) has been truly amazing, and getting this many people who are passionate about technology into a single place is a downright magical experience. We're fortunate and humbled to be able to do this, and despite a near-total lack of sleep and some questionable food choices, we're still as jazzed as ever to fight through crowds in order to get the first shots of [insert gizmo here]. From us to you, thanks for sticking through the madness once more, and here's to another amazing year in consumer technology. We couldn't do it without you, and frankly, we wouldn't want to.

So, what's next for us? Well, planning for CES 2013 has already begun, and we'll probably find ourselves at a few Apple events in the near future. Oh, and we'll be bringing you the blow-by-blow from Mobile World Congress in a matter of weeks. We'll sleep, as they say, when we're dead.

Vital stats
Number of posts: approximately 810 (January 6th to 14th)
Number of photo galleries: 404
Number of videos: approximately 208
Number of podcasts: 14 (8 Classic, 4 HD, 2 Mobile)

Time spent sleeping, per editor per 24-hour cycle: 5 hours
3G cards: 22
WiMAX cards: 5
LTE cards: 40
Hypermacs: 2
DSLRs: 25
This year's song: Gym Class Heroes: Stereo Hearts (Screwed and Chopped)
Most orders of In-N-Out fries at once: 38
Total "Best Day of My Life!" phrases yelled: 3, all after meeting Justin Bieber

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