Want to stream ABC shows the day after they air? Better get cable

As the legions of cord cutters continue to grow, companies are looking for any way to keep customers tied to their increasingly archaic (and offensively priced) pay TV subscriptions. ABC is just the latest network to get in on the frustrating practice, by requiring users sign into their cable account if they want to watch shows online the day after they air. On January 6th the change is coming not only to Watch ABC, but Hulu as well. Though, if you subscribe to Hulu Plus you'll still have access the next day. Otherwise you'll have to wait a full week after an episode airs to stream it for free. Of course, ABC is hardly alone in the practice. Fox did the same back in 2011, while premium outlets like HBO and Showtime have limited their streaming services to verified pay TV subscribers since day one (with a few experimental exceptions). The list of participating TV services includes all the usual suspects, including Time Warner and FiOS, as well as new comers like Google Fiber. If you've got any nagging questions you can check out the FAQ at the source or call Watch ABC's customer service at (800) 230-0229.