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Nintendo debuts 3DS image sharing tool in Japan, uploads your screengrabs to Twitter, Tumblr


Still waiting for Miiverse to show its hide on Nintendo's 3DS? Maybe the promise of more conventional social networking will tide you over. Thanks to a new web tool, Japanese 3DS owners can now share screenshots from Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Tomodachi Collection:New Life with their Twitter and Tumblr followers. The setup is pretty simple, giving users access to a basic upload interface through the 3DS' built-in web browser. Just pick an image, add a caption and watch your retweets roll in. Unfortunately, the tool doesn't work with just any image -- attempting to upload a shot taken with the 3DS camera gave us an error, which told us (via a rough translation) that the picture came from "incompatible software." The tool is written entirely in Japanese, but folks with a knack for Kanji can check it out at Looking for a compatible game? We hear there's a bundle for that.

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