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Leica teases Mini M camera, scheduled to debut on June 11th

Joe Pollicino

Leica seldom updates its camera lineup, so we're especially intrigued to discover that it's teasing a completely new model, the Mini M. On the camera maker's website, this TBA model is represented by only a black box, tucked in between the full-frame M and the APS-C-loaded X2 (Micro M). There's no other official info aside from its June 11th unveiling date, but Leica Rumors is poised to bet that this is the company's first mirrorless ILC entry. The site's sources claim this model will thankfully not be a re-badged Panasonic Lumix -- Hasselblad and Sony's Lunar (a leather-adorned NEX-7) already did enough damage on that front.

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