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The After Math: Internet trends, Apple TVs and Samsung's Finnish triumph


Welcome to The After Math, where we attempt to summarize this week's tech news through numbers, decimal places and percentages.

The launch of the Xbox One may be behind us, but we still have plenty of numbers to crunch. Speaking of ones, this week we saw a record-setting auction for an old Apple 1, a multi-tabbed refresh of our inbox and the release of Mary Meeker's annual Internet Trends Report. Add to that some big names taking the stage at D11, an anti-graffiti drone and a rather bizarre-looking harp, and you have this week's After Math. Join us after the break for the digits.

  • Number of companies (including DirecTV) bidding $1 billion-plus for Hulu, according to Bloomberg: 3
  • Number of notes it takes this machine to name a tune: 3
  • Total number of episodes of long-running game show Name that Tune aired between 1984 and 1985: 195
  • Total number of episodes of on-again-off-again comedy series Arrested Development, now in its fourth season exclusively on Netflix: 68
  • Max number of lists users can add in Twitter's recent update: 1,000
  • Max number of tabs users can add in Gmail's latest redesign: 5
  • Times Apple's Tim Cook declined to answer a question during his D11 interview: 11
  • Apple TVs sold since 2009: 13 million

  • Samsung Galaxy S 4s sold in less than a month: 10 million
  • Samsung's Q1 2013 smartphone market share in China, according to Strategy Analytics: 18.5 percent
  • Samsung's Q1 2013 smartphone market share in Finland according to IDC: 36 percent
  • Nokia's Q1 2013 smartphone market share in Finland (its home country) according to IDC: 33 percent
  • Square footage of Texas facility (previously occupied by Nokia) where Motorola will assemble its Moto X smartphone: 500,000
  • Percentage of smartphone operating systems "Made in the USA" in 2012 according to Mary Meeker's Internet Trends Report: 88
  • Percentage of smartphone operating systems "Made in the USA" in 2005 according to the same report: 5
  • Estimated retail price for the string-orchestra-aping Wheelharp (origins unknown): $12,500
  • Approximate cost of this German anti-graffiti drone: $77,550
  • Record-setting bid offered for a functional Apple 1: $671,400
  • Number of base-model iPad minis you could buy for the same price: 2,040.7

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