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Nine Inch Nails puts Kinect, various other gadgets to use on festival tour

Billy Steele

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It's no secret that Nine Inch Nails' frontman Trent Reznor likes to do things a bit differently. He and long-time art director Rob Sheridan have assembled a crew to make the group's festival dates this year as visually stunning as the audio promises to be. Along with a slew of other high-tech gadgetry, there's a Kinect that handles motion tracking with captured movements projected onto a handful of mobile video screens. Alongside thermal and regular ol' video cameras, live video content is piped on-stage during specific parts of the set -- with a hand from the folks at Moment Factory, a multimedia environment studio. Reznor also notes that much of the system is "a bunch of homemade software and hardware effects that they've tied together" with the goal of creating a film-like quality to an hour and a half performance. For a 13-minute, behind the scenes look at the prep work, head on past the break.

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