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Twitch cracks down on 'non-gaming' broadcasts by PlayStation 4 owners

Matt Brian, @m4tt

Faced with an influx of living-room livestreamers and the risqué content that follows, Twitch has begun a crackdown on PlayStation 4 streams. The company has taken to its Twitter account to remind users that broadcasting via the console's Playroom feature, which uses Sony's PlayStation Eye camera to stream to Twitch and uStream, must have a gaming focus or risk having their account suspended. Most users, including the husband and wife team behind The Spartan Show, have kept within Twitch's terms of service, but others have decided the console provides the perfect platform to broadcast sexual content and host non-gaming shows. While Sony already offers the broadcasting service, Xbox One owners will have to wait until "early 2014" to stream their games -- either way, Twitch will have quite the job on its hands as gamers test the limits of their new all-seeing consoles.

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