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Engadget Eurocast 046 - 12.5.13

Jon Turi, @jonturi

The Eurocast crew, led by the fearless Daniel Cooper, divine the spirit of HD this week as they discuss HBO's deal with Google in the UK and the merits of today's "golden age of television." While the country sees some new shows, its nearly century old paper car tax is being shown the door, and it's not the only thing on the way out. The HTC Mini is now banned in the UK due to a patent ruling in favor of Nokia and both Steve Dent and Matt Brian mourn the loss of this quality handset. It's not all a downer this week, however, as Three UK subscribers finally gain a leg up in spots around the globe, with normally priced service being extended to various international locations. Want to enjoy a bit of international flavor without leaving your couch? You're in luck, because there are at least two different accents to enjoy in this week's edition of the Engadget Eurocast. Cheers!

Hosts: Dan Cooper, Matt Brian, Steve Dent

Producer: Jon Turi

Hear the Podcast:

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