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Avenger Reflex aims to improve Xbox One and PS4 input times, looks bananas


Those Xbox One and PlayStation 4 gamepads you've got look a little underdressed, and not nearly enough like Batman. Thankfully, the Avenger Reflex is here to fix both issues in one fell swoop, appending a shell to either the XB1 or PS4 gamepad that promises "faster response time" and levers to hit the four main face buttons without having to lift your thumbs from either thumbstick.

As you might've already guessed, the Reflex is simply the latest iteration in the Avenger series. It adds one new trick: dubbed the "bionic edge," a lever below your left thumb "removes all need to move your thumb from your analog stick." We'll have to give it a shot before trusting that claim; we've got until "late March," when the Avenger Reflex goes on sale for $70 (pre-orders are available now for 20 percent off if you use discount code "REFLEX").

The company started back in 2011 with an Xbox 360 gamepad shell, eventually evolving several successful iterations. Beyond the Avenger controller series, the company also makes the occasionally controversial, always bizarre Delta Six gaming peripheral.

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