IOGEAR's latest matrix switcher can stream different video sources to up to four receivers

IOGEAR may've departed from the all-black styling we're used to this year, but it hasn't been able to dream up anything sexier than another utilitarian title for its latest matrix switcher. The "Long Range Wireless 5x2 HD Matrix Pro" does all the same things IOGEAR's existing switcher announced at CES 2013 can: wirelessly beam uncompressed 1080p video and audio from any of five digital or analog sources to a receiver plugged into another TV. What you get with the "Pro" version, however, is twice the range (up to 200 ft), and way more importantly, the ability to stream to up to four different receivers instead of just one. They can each pull video from any of the input sources, too, so every daughter box can hit up the main unit up for different content. There is a mark-up for that extra functionality, though -- the Matrix Pro will retail for around $700 when it launches later this year.