IOGEAR unveils uncompressed 1080p wireless streaming matrix switcher

It just wouldn't be CES without IOGEAR showing off new jet-black wireless streaming devices, and today it's unveiling the lovingly named "Wireless 5x2 HD Matrix," or GWHDMS52. The two-piece set is capable of streaming uncompressed full HD (1080p) content, including 3D video and 5.1-channel audio, from anything in your main entertainment setup to another TV up to 100 ft away, using the WHDI standard. You plug everything into the main box, which serves as the transmitter -- it has one component and four HDMI inputs, with one HDMI-out to serve the primary display. The receiver box has its own HDMI-out for the device you're streaming to, as well as a USB port for controlling a media server or similar plugged in at the other end. If you hadn't guessed already, the setup is a matrix switcher, meaning the receiver will pull from any source hooked up to the transmitter, regardless of what's being watched on the primary TV. The Wireless 5x2 HD Matrix is due to launch in March at a price of $399.95.

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IOGEAR introduces industry's first wireless streaming matrix
Technology Leadership Provides New Seamless HDTV Viewing Options

LAS VEGAS – January 8, 2013 – IOGEAR introduced the Wireless 5x2 HD Matrix at the annual International CES today, showcasing the industry's first product capable of sending separate full, uncompressed HD 1080p content to two HD displays or projectors from up to five sources (digital and analog) and switching among the various sources independently. The Wireless 5x2 HD Matrix (GWHDMS52; $399.95) sets new benchmarks in the audio visual industry and will be demonstrated at CES (Central Hall, Booth #9029).

The Wireless 5x2 HD Matrix allows individuals and families to create the custom viewing experiences that fit their needs. A home user can keep the cable box, Blu-ray player, game console or media server in one room with a HDTV accessing content and send separate content wirelessly to another HDTV in any room up to 100 feet away. This means parents can watch their weekly TV dramas, while the kids enjoy their favorite Blu-ray movies in another room. The wireless connectivity does not require a line of sight, so home theater devices can be stored neatly away in one location, and wirelessly send content though walls to another room within the home. The applications are nearly limitless, such as setting up TVs in a bedroom, kitchen, den, patio or game rooms.

Beyond the home, the Wireless 5x2 HD Matrix provides reliable, high quality video for work environments. Business users will now be able to wirelessly stream the same presentation to dual displays or projectors in a conference room. Two conference rooms can be equipped to easily access different content from shared devices. For companies with lobbies, video commercials or ads can be streamed there while a training video is played simultaneously in a conference room. With the Wireless 5x2 HD Matrix, businesses can eliminate the need for a second Blu-ray, cable box, game console or VCR and help streamline costs and space for equipment.

"Consumers increasingly demand more connectivity among their home and business devices, and IOGEAR's new Wireless 5x2 HD Matrix leads the industry in offering flexible content choices," said IOGEAR CEO Jack Wang. "The Wireless 5x2 HD Matrix is a leap forward and further testament to IOGEAR's continuing momentum and innovation."

The Wireless 5x2 HD Matrix will be available online at and through major distribution channels in spring 2013.