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Engadget Podcast 382 - 1.31.14

Engadget Podcast 382 - 1.31.14
Jon Turi
Jon Turi|@jonturi|January 31, 2014 4:58 PM

We're breaking it down to the bare essentials this week, with Terrence and Ben getting laser focused on the recent Lenovo / Motorola deal and Nintendo's state of financial affairs. With just those two topics on the table, every stone is upturned and every tech nook explored. Ben delves into the world of poultry puns and even explains the Pokemon portmanteau situation, while Terrence eyes him from across the room, fiercely ready to fight for Sonic the Hedgehog's dignity. We're even reaching out to you, the listener, for your input on the future of the podcast, so please join the conversation. As for the podcast itself, it's ready and waiting for you at the streaming links below. Enjoy!

Hosts: Terrence O'Brien, Ben Gilbert

Producer: Jon Turi

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Hear the podcast:

07:39 - Lenovo buying Motorola's handset business from Google for nearly $3 billion
13:17 - Lenovo gets Motorola, but Google gets to keep its skunkworks
14:49 - Nintendo sold fewer Wii Us in a year than Xbox Ones or PS4s sold in two months
19:31 - Nintendo bosses take big pay cuts in penance for Wii U failure
25:56 - Nintendo denies smartphone software rumor, says it has 'no plans' to offer mini-games on rival hardware
38:46 - What would you change about the Engadget Podcast?

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Engadget Podcast 382 - 1.31.14