Compact 'Stubilizer' could smooth out your GoPro footage

Though GoPro cameras excel at capturing your insane escapades, the resulting shaky footage is not what we'd call production-ready. Now an inventor named Stuart Smith is looking to smooth things out with his self-named Stubilizer, a kind of mini-Steadicam designed for the GoPro's mount. Thanks to the small size, you can attach it almost anywhere you'd normally put a GoPro -- like on a helmet or vehicle, for instance. Despite the size, it seems to excel at drastically improving shaky video (shown after the break) even when you're running. Smith has launched three versions on Kickstarter, the Solo, Duo and Pro, which run £149, £199 and £299 (about $250, $340 and $500), respectively. All three use gyroscopes and motors to steady footage, with the Solo helping roll only, the Duo adding the pitch axis and the Pro stabilizing all three: pitch, roll and yaw. If you're interested in pledging, you can hit the source -- just keep in mind the extra risk to your neck with such helmet-attached devices.