NVIDIA's Shield can now stream your PC games when you're out of the house

People scoffed when NVIDIA first revealed the Shield (just check out these comments), but a slew of software updates are turning it into one of the best Android gaming gewgaws out there. Speaking of which, this month's update has just gone live and it's a doozy. Once installed, you can use your Shield to remotely play up to 100 supported games that live on your home PC (assuming you've got a solid network connection, that is) as well as stream games running on properly equipped laptops too. Throw in support for Bluetooth keyboards and mice for games that require plenty of precision (we're looking at you, Civ 5) and you've got yourself a hefty little package to install. Between all these updates and that temporary $50 price cut NVIDIA announced last month, it's clear that the company is committed to the Shield vision -- now we just need to see if consumers inundated with mobile gaming options finally take the plunge.