Rogers' widened LTE support gives Canadians speedier data indoors

Canada got LTE relatively quickly, but that fast data currently has a big catch: since it doesn't run on low frequencies like in the US, you sometimes drop to 3G when you head indoors. Thankfully, those slowdowns won't be an issue for much longer. Rogers has officially switched on its 700MHz network in parts of Calgary, Toronto and Vancouver, bringing LTE to your basement and other places where it was previously off-limits. It may help American travelers, too, since AT&T customers (who already have 700MHz support) can roam on Rogers' airwaves.

You may not have to upgrade your hardware, since Rogers says that the "majority" of devices in use can take advantage of the extra cellular band. As for other carriers? Bell tells us that it started building in rural areas earlier in the month, but it hasn't said just where its 700MHz support is available. Telus also hasn't outlined its plans just yet. However, we'd still expect the improved LTE to reach much of the country relatively quickly. The upgrade should be considerably easier than rolling out LTE in the first place, so it may not be long before many Canucks' data is consistently fast.