Sony reportedly puts its OLED TV efforts on hold

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Jon Fingas
May 12, 2014 6:28 PM
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Sony reportedly puts its OLED TV efforts on hold

There were hints that Sony's OLED TV plans were in trouble when the company's collaboration with Panasonic went south last year, and it now looks like those efforts have stalled out completely. Nikkei reports that Sony has put development of OLED sets "on ice," shifting those involved to other projects. The electronics firm just doesn't see the faster, higher-contrast displays catching on in the near future, according to the Japanese newspaper -- it's far more interested in pushing its 4K LCDs, which are selling like gangbusters compared to equivalent screens from rivals like Samsung.

The company hasn't put out an official statement so far, and we've reached out to learn what's happening. However, it wouldn't be surprising if Sony gave OLED TVs the chop. The firm has been shedding businesses that aren't profitable, including its PC line. When there's a chance that Sony's TV group could be profitable for the first time in more than a decade, it might make sense to cut any projects that are likely to bleed cash -- no matter how eye-catching they may be.

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