Engadget Daily: Tesla's Model 3, new buyer's guides and more!

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Engadget Daily: Tesla's Model 3, new buyer's guides and more!

Elon Musk reveals Tesla's latest electric vehicle, we show off our new buyer's guides, discover we still have a lot to learn about stem cells and take a trip to Taiwan with T-Mobile's new global roaming plan. Read on for Engadget's news highlights from the last 24 hours.

Tesla's $35,000 car will be called the Model 3

In an interview with AutoExpress, Elon Musk revealed the name of the latest member of the Tesla family. He's calling it the Model 3 and it goes on sale in 2017 for just $35,000.

The Engadget Buyer's Guide is back and better than ever!

Looking for the latest and greatest gadgets as a gift for someone you love, or even yourself? Check out our new buyer's guide!

Experimental stem cell treatment causes woman to grow parts of a nose on her spine

Stem cells have the potential to be one of modern medicine's most promising advances and we're still learning a lot about how they work. A paralyzed woman in the US discovered this, after an experimental treatment caused her to grow a nose-like tumor on her back.

Exploring Asia with T-Mobile's free global roaming

What's it like to use your smartphone abroad with T-Mobile's new global roaming plan? Zach Honig heads to Taiwan to find out. Is this the answer for international mobile data?

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