Engadget Daily: HTC Desire 816 review, the perks of being verified and more!

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Andy Bowen
August 1st, 2014
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Engadget Daily: HTC Desire 816 review, the perks of being verified and more!

Today, we investigate the perks of being verified on social media, review the HTC Desire 816, look at Distiller's new social network for whiskey lovers and learn about the NFL's next-gen stat technology. Read on for Engadget's news highlights from the last 24 hours.

The perks of being 'somebody' online

Being verified on social media isn't just about proving your identity; it's also a status symbol. And while the perks of that blue check mark beside your name could be considered trivial, they're one of many indicators of online inequality.

Distiller builds a social network for whiskey lovers

Distiller's whiskey recommendation service just went social. With its brand-new iOS and Android app, you can enlist help from your friends while you search for the perfect bottle of spirits.

HTC Desire 816 review: A mid-range M8 let down by sluggish cameras

HTC's Desire 816 is almost a perfect mid-range LTE phablet, only to be let down by its erratically sluggish cameras. Otherwise, this $390 handset features a nicely curved metal body, beautiful display and plenty of power under the hood.

NFL players to wear shoulder pad RFIDs for on-field stats tracking

Get ready sports fans. The NFL is teaming up with Zebra Technologies for the "Next Gen Stats" initiative. Seventeen different stadiums will be outfitted with RFID receivers that track tags inside the shoulder pads of athletes, recording speed, acceleration and more.

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