Google gives students unlimited cloud storage

Google's invasion of our classrooms (and its war on paper) continues unabated. Back in August in the search giant released an online education tool for teachers who wanted to digitally manage their classes, and now it's launched an improved version of Google Drive that's free for folks toiling away in academia. The company's new Drive for Education is basically the same thing as its enterprise-based Drive for Work, which means you're looking at unlimited storage space (albeit with a 5TB file size limit) and access to Google Vault for message archiving.

To put that in perspective, Google's education users only used to get 30GB of free space -- that's more than enough for most, but dropping storage costs mean Google is trying to replace your paper-laden bookbag with the cloud. Itching for your turn to try the improved Drive? If your school is a current Google Apps for Education user, you'll see the unlimited space appear over the next few weeks... though you'll have to wait a bit for some of the other bells and whistles to go live. Vault, for instance, is second on the list of priorities after making sure everyone gets their unlimited storage, and auditing support (yawn) is due to come sometime after that.