Someone made a parody of 'P.T.' in Xbox One's 'Project Spark'

The absolutely terrifying playable teaser for the next Silent Hill game might only be available on PlayStation 4, but if you have an Xbox One you might be able to play something close to it. Someone has gone ahead and recreated P.T. in Redmond's game creating game, Project Spark. The familiar sights are all there: a never-ending hallway filled with horrors, a ghoul waiting just around the corner, Nic Cage screaming in terror. Wait, what? Well, the trailer is intercut with clips of Nic Cage's performance from the 1999 film about snuff movies, 8mm. Because watching him watch... well we aren't going to describe what he's watching, but let's just say it fits the theme of P.T. pretty spectacularly. Need to see the horror for yourself? Jump past the break and prepare for a descent into madness -- don't say we didn't warn you.