Warblr can identify that bird just by hearing its song

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Warblr can identify that bird just by hearing its song

Technology can be pretty wonderful sometimes. Case in point: Warblr, an app that uses sound recognition tech and your phone's GPS signal to identify birdsongs. The application first pinpoints where you are (it'll debut in the United Kingdom), and narrows the results by what types of fowl are common to the area, according to its Kickstarter page. Then, after making the ID, it presents the most likely suspects. Pretty simple, yeah? The folks behind the app say that one of the intentions is to add geo-tracking to, well, track what species are being found where -- useful for the likes of zoologists and ecologists to monitor migration patterns, for one.

The accuracy has been rated around 95 percent under optimum conditions and has even been validated by a Brazilian bird identification organization. As of now, the crowdfunding campaign has tallied £4,096 (around $7,850) of its £50,000 (approximately $80,000) goal and aims to launch next spring when the birds start flying again. Buy-in starts at the £25 tier ($40), and we're guessing that the app won't work for feathered pals of the angry variety.

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