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2K Games tries to save Civilization, Borderlands from GameSpy server shutdown


Gamespy's impending server shut-down might be cutting off Wii and DS multiplayer at the head, but not all games have to suffer this fate: PC publishers are starting to migrate their multiplayer servers to new platforms. Three of EA's Battlefield games are already slated for transition, and now, so are two of 2K Games' biggest franchises: Civilization and Borderlands. On May 31st, Civilization III, IV (and their expansions) and the PC version of Borderlands will all begin transitioning to Steamworks, temporarily disrupting online services for a few days.

2K says it's looking into moving the PS3 version of Borderlands and Civilization Revolution to new servers too, but it isn't sure if it's technically feasible. That said, a number of 2K games are still getting the online axe, including Rune, Stronghold 2 and a handful of sports titles. Care to see the full list? Check out the source link below.

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