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Garmin's fitness trackers now help you master your calorie balance


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There are plenty of apps and gadgets that track the calories you burn during exercise. But comparing those figures with the calories you're taking in? That's harder, which is why Garmin has teamed up with MyFitnessPal to provide a clearer picture of your energy balance. The collaboration melds the calorie consumption data from Garmin devices with MyFitnessPal's activity and nutrition info to create a Calorie In/Out section on Garmin's Connect page. You'll quickly find out if a long run was enough to offset that big dessert, or if you need to eat more to keep up with your workouts. The MyFitnessPal integration is currently limited to the Forerunner 15 GPS watch and the Vivofit tracker, but all Forerunners and Edge bike computers should support the feature this summer.

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