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Virgin Media's biggest ever expansion to bring cable to 100,000 London homes

Matt Brian, @m4tt

Not content with upping the top speed for many of its existing broadband customers, Virgin Media is also working hard to bring new subscribers into the fold. That's why the company today announced that as part of its biggest ever expansion, it'll extend its cable network to 100,000 more London homes. Virgin is focusing solely on East London, with broadband work already underway in Bethnal Green, the Isle of Dogs, Newham and West Ham. Homes in Stratford, Stepney, Poplar, Bow and East Ham are also down for future upgrades. With cable running to their properties, residents will enjoy the benefits of competition, allowing them to choose between Virgin Media 152Mb broadband speeds or BT's fibre-optic network, which delivers speeds of up to 76Mb and counts Sky and TalkTalk as wholesale suppliers.

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