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EE snaps up what's left of Phones4u for less than £5 million

Matt Brian, @m4tt

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How long does it take for a successful phone retailer to enter administration and then be completely sold off? For Phones4u, it's taken exactly a month. The Financial Times reports that EE, the UK's biggest operator (which has been accused of contributing to Phones4u's downfall for not renewing its deal), has reached a agreement with administrators to snap up the remaining chunk of its former partner's business: its Life Mobile MVNO. The carrier reportedly beat Argos and Talk Talk to the deal, paying around £5 million to add 85,000 mobile subscribers to the 58 Phones4u stores it grabbed last month. EE already provides connectivity for Life Mobile, so merging the networks should be a lot easier than getting money back from a Phones4u iPhone 6 preorder.

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