WWE Network's UK launch set for January 19th, for real this time

In a couple of weeks, wrestling fans in the UK should finally have access to the WWE's standalone streaming service. It's been an awfully long wait: the WWE Network has been available in 170 countries for a number of months, and a UK launch was abandoned at the eleventh hour in November. Exactly why it was cancelled is still unclear, although negotiations over TV rights were reportedly to blame. Now, everything appears to have been cleared up, and the service is set to enter the ring on January 19th. "This time we really mean it," WWE CEO Vince McMahon has vowed. Watching endless choke-slams will set you back £9.99 per month, or €12.99 in Ireland, and the service should be available on a ton of different platforms including iOS, Android, the Web, gaming consoles and smart TVs. We're staying a little skeptical about this one -- given the problems that have plagued its UK launch so far, we wouldn't be surprised if the WWE Network was hit by another RKO.