HBO's standalone streaming service reportedly costs $15 per month

Wondering how much HBO's hyped-up standalone streaming service will cost you when it (hopefully) arrives this April? Considerably more than your Netflix subscription, it seems. The International Business Times hears that the internet-only offering, reportedly called HBO Now, will set you back $15 per month. That's not extravagant (your TV provider, if you have one, is paying roughly as much behind the scenes), but it reflects the company's view that this is a premium product.

It's unclear just where you'll get to watch HBO Now. However, IBT tipsters claim that Apple has been the "most aggressive" in pushing for a deal. Not surprisingly, it sees HBO as a great way to boost Apple TV sales -- you're more likely to buy the tiny media hub if you know you can watch the new Game of Thrones season without signing up for a top-tier cable package. It's not clear how close the two sides are to an agreement, although it's likely that Apple won't be the only one supporting HBO Now on launch.

[Image credit: Helen Sloan/HBO, Facebook]