Folding electric bike talks to all your other smart devices

While there's no shortage of smart bikes, they still have limits: many rely chiefly on pedal power, and their tech-savviness is often limited to talking to a special smartphone app. The JIVR Bike might just solve several of those problems at once, though. The two-wheeler not only uses a chainless electric drive (good for 20 miles of pedal-free travel per charge), but serves as an iBeacon that talks to any nearby device which supports the format -- you could have it send info to your laptop, if you like. It folds to fit into small apartments, too, and you can plug in your phone to use it as a dashboard.

As you'd imagine, a connected e-bike isn't going to be cheap. JIVR is crowdfunding its machine, and you'll have to shell out between £699 to £1,749 ($1,036 to $2,593) to get the Bike early depending both on how quickly you act and whether or not you're willing to be an ambassador for the brand. Provided the hardware makes its planned September release, however, you may well get a lot for your money.