Facebook to allow third-party apps on Messenger

In the past few months, Facebook has really ramped up the Messenger experience -- you can add your location, apply stickers on photos and even use it for payments. Now, Facebook will let you customize your messages even further. That's because Facebook has evolved Messenger into its own platform, which essentially means you can now integrate third-party apps inside the messaging app. Want an easy way to send GIFs from Giphy? Simply install the add-on, find the GIF you want and away you go. You'll find many of these apps -- there are apparently already 40 on board -- in the compose window. And if a friend sends an image or video from one of these third-party apps and you don't already have them installed, you'll see an "Install" link on them so you can download them right then and there. This new feature should be available on your friendly neighborhood Messenger app starting today, so be on the lookout for new ways to annoy your Facebook buddies.