Security conference effectively bans booth babes from its show floor

The issue of booth babes -- scantily clad people attempting to lure unsuspecting buyers towards second-rate products -- has once again reared its head within the industry. This time out, cryptography and information security gathering RSA has effectively banned them, mandating that all attendees will wear clothing that's appropriate for a professional environment. According to a statement released to TechTarget, people will be unable to display "excessive cleavage," and won't be able to wear tank tops, tube tops, miniskirts or minidresses. RSA go on to say that any scantily dressed people found on the show floor would be asked to put on a sweater or leave.

The move is designed to make the conference a safer space for women, not to mention preventing the event from looking like a strip club. One female attendee, CipherCloud's Lise Feng, told NBC Bay Area that it was uncomfortable when she's previously been approached by men asking if she's the company's booth babe. It's a fine line that the tech industry has to tread, ensuring that women aren't treated as commodities while avoiding becoming a self-appointed police upon people's fashion choices. Even better is that your (male) IT chief's next security purchasing decision will be made with the brain they keep in their skull rather than... ya' know.