Sky's closing its dedicated 3D channel

Once touted as the next big thing in television and film, 3D has ultimately failed to find an audience. It's been five long years since Sky first introduced 3D programming, starting with a Premier League match between Manchester United and Chelsea, but after it chose not to schedule any matches in 3D for this past season, its TV future was called into doubt. Following that pretty big warning sign, Sky's latest move appears to have driven the final nail in its coffin: from June, the broadcaster's dedicated 3D channel will close and move on-demand.

That means all of Sky's dedicated 3D content will be shared across the Sky Box Sets, Sky Movies and Sky Store sections of the TV Guide, with each section gaining a new 3D segment. Around 60 shows and films will be available, including Guardians of the Galaxy and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, as well as nature documentaries such as David Attenborough's Flying Monsters. Good news if you're still invested in 3D, but for the majority, Sky's announcement will barely register on their TV radar.