Here's how Apple's Force Touch might work on the next iPhone

We've been hearing for months that Apple's upcoming iPhone models will be force-sensitive, just like the Apple Watch and its newer MacBook trackpads. Now we have an idea of how the company's "Force Touch" technology -- which enables pressure sensitivity and haptic feedback -- could work on future iPhones, courtesy of 9to5Mac. Sources say that it could be used to replace instances where you typically hold down your finger on the screen, for example, to highlight or paste text. Force Touch on iPhones will also resemble the way the technology is used on new MacBooks: You can press down on the display to drop new location pins in Apple Maps, or use pressure-sensitive scrolling in media players. Not surprisingly, 9to5Mac notes that Apple has built in support for iPhone Force Touch on iOS 9, and it's also working with developers to integrate it into their apps. The technology could also make its way into Apple's next round of iPads, based on references in iOS 9.

Don't expect any big changes for the next iPhone models, which will likely end up being called the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. Sources say that the smaller model looks pretty much like an iPhone 6. Apple likely won't discuss the Force Touch features at WWDC next month, since its new iPhones probably won't be announced until the fall.