Arnold Schwarzenegger is giving voice directions to Waze users

There's a new Terminator movie coming out, and what the studio saved on spellcheck it was able to pay Arnold Schwarzenegger for extra promotional work. As such, the actor has teamed up with Waze to lend his unique voice to the company's crowdsourced sat nav service. If you want to be steered around town by the governator, you just have to head into the settings menu and select Terminator Genisys from the options.

In addition to the usual stock phrases and being assured that he'll "get you to your destination," users will also get a friendly heads-up every time you're close to a cinema showing the aforementioned flick. It's not the first time that Waze has teamed up with a celebrity for some advertising cash driving directions, having recently hired Vlade Divac of the Sacramento Kings and "Colonel Sanders" from KFC. Naturally, these are time-limited offerings, and according to USA Today, the Arnie directions will expire in mid-July. Now, all we need to go is to get to the end of this story without making an "I'll be back" joke and we'll be home and dry.