Bing Maps adds trip-planning tools and easy access to reviews

If you prefer Bing Maps as your go-to navigation tool, the software's preview version received a big redesign. Focused primarily on helping you plan trips, a load of new features aim to make it easier to search, view and share multiple destinations easily. Bing Maps Preview will pull in reviews and photos from Yelp in its search results, so you'll have quick access to suggestions when traveling in an unfamiliar locale. When it comes to planning an evening out, for example, there's a new card-based format to keep each stop a few taps away. For those entries, hours, useful details and similar options nearby are all included. Bing also employs predictive routing to help you determine the best time to head, showing you what traffic would be like for a specific time of day.

There's also an Along the Route feature that displays restaurants, hotels and more on the path you're looking to travel, serving up suggestions when you need to pull over and refuel. What's more, you can get a closer look with updated Streetside views, save destinations to My Places for later viewing and easily share travel plans with others. The load of new tools is available through the Bing Maps Preview on the desktop now, and updates are said to be on the way to Bing Maps mobile apps.